Asset Maintenance (The Asset Guardian)


The Asset Guardian (Visit the Product Website Here) is an asset maintenance solution or maintenance management solution (MMS) that has been developed using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology layer.  The system can be used with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or it can be used stand-alone with integration available to other ERP systems.

The Asset Guardian is the perfect solution for companies with assets that require scheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance, unscheduled repair, inspection or calibration as part of their life cycle.  Unpredictable events, such as breakdown repair or requests are also handled with ease.  The Asset Guardian allows you to predefine the maintenance intervals for assets as well as the specific technicians, qualifications, tools,
outside service providers and inventory required to complete the action.  The Asset Guardian never forgets to schedule a maintenance action, never forgets to record the results and always keeps accurate statistics on your assets.

Responses to maintenance actions such as Preventative, Inspection, Breakdown, Request and Calibration may be efficiently handled through pre-defined procedures or on an ad hoc basic in The Asset Guardian.  In addition, electronic information such as videos, images, CAD/CAM drawings, or web based materials may all be associated with a work order.  In fact, The Asset Guardian lets you define the rules for when an expected action should occur, how it should be handled and what ancillary materials are required to complete the resulting work order.  These rules may define maintenance intervals that are time based, meter based or in combination.  If you deal with the challenges associated with managing life expectancies or the useful life of spares, you will particularly benefit from the ability to create work orders based on the expected life and/or warranty of a spare.

The Asset Guardian helps you manage and create maintenance work orders resulting from requests, planning purposes or need.  To help you manage your work load, The Asset Guardian provides interactive views of your work load by Personnel or Equipment.  You can even view your Requests and their current status.  The dynamic change feature utilized by all these views empowers you with maximum flexibility to make changes to your work orders and/or technician assignments to meet your demands.


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