Business Intelligence Consulting

EmergeNext understands that “Business Intelligence” is more of a concept than it is a product.  There are many business intelligence solutions available in the marketplace today and our firm, as a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, supports all of those products that work with Microsoft Dynamics.  However, beyond building data cubes, implementing dashboards, designing reports, and training executives (not easy to do), firms must understand what data is available to them and how they can then use that data.

EmergeNext offers a unique business intelligence consulting service for firms, regardless of their underlying technology.  We will collect and scrub your firms data and then turn that into meaningful and actionable intelligence.  We’ll design reports and actually build and present those reports to you in a final product (a management information book).  The book of reports with actual data will be a value in and of itself and will be full of information based on all of the data available in your various ERP and other databases.

The book can then be used to help you understand the data that is available to your firm and for generating report and/or business intelligence dashboard ideas.  Our work in this area in the past has helped businesses greatly improve their internal efficiencies.  Some key data elements we have uncovered for clients in the past and how that helped them include:

  • we gathered average days in each step of the revenue cycle from PO to SO to service completion/shipment to invoice preparation/delivery to cash collection (helped one of our clients greatly revenue cycle process times around sales order confirmations and sales invoices preparation which increased average working capital by 15 days of sales.)
  • we gathered invoice volumes by customer and analyzed average revenue/invoice (helped one of our clients reduce G&A costs by simplifying and standardizing invoices processes across customers.)
  • we gathered project/job ledger entries and analyzed work type codes (helped a client understand their breakdown of non-billable, project activities so they could focus their improvement efforts around reducing equipment and resource down-times on jobs.)
  • we gathered revenue by customer in a high-growth business segment across multiple months/years (allowed us to strip out revenue associated with marketing efforts and increasing market share so a client could more accurately understand seasonality in their business.)

Our firm can work on fixed fee contracts in preparing your “management information book”.  We will analyze the availability of data across your firm and present a proposal to deliver information to you that you can use to improve your firm’s profitability.  Please contact us below if you would like to discuss our value-added Business Intelligence services further.