Importing Data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes standard with an extremely flexible import tool for importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The tool contains an easy to use mapping wizard that allows you to save and reuse mapping sets for your various source file templates.  In addition, the tool allows users to create new fields during the import process, which saves the time needed to customize fields in advance of an import.  Another nice feature is the ability to bulk delete records based on specific import instances; a really nice feature when you have realized you made a mistake after importing a few thousand records.

We have been using the tool for ourselves recently, importing accounts and contacts from a marketing tool, called Broadlook, that is able to troll the internet for data related to your records and populate missing data for the company and individuals.


We’ll walk through some of the steps for importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM here:

1.  Select “Import Data” from almost anywhere in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

2.  Select the data source file.

3.  Select Default (Account Mapping) for a new source data file that you have not previously created a mapping for (always the case the first time you import something).

4.  Select the table for which you are importing data (Account, Lead, Contact, etc.).  You can import into any table in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

5.  You will then get to the “Map Fields” wizard.  This screen is very intuitive.  It identifies the fields in your source data file (we recommend using .csv files) and allows you to map them to Microsoft Dynamics CRM fields.  If you have data that is you need as is unique to your requirements in your source data field, you can create a new filed in the table right here in this screen (we have highlighted below; you’ll later need to add the field to any form where the data needs to be visible.  After importing the data, you can see the status of the import by going to “Workplace –> Imports”.

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