Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data Synchronization

Wormhole - Data Synchronization for NAV

Wormhole - Data Synchronization for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data Synchronization

Our Microsoft ISV company, Verosoft Design, Inc., has developed a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data Synchronization tool called “Wormhole” that is simply the most comprehensive and flexible data synchronization tool available on the market for Dynamics NAV.

Synch Groups allow setting up an unlimited number of groups of database/company/table/field combinations so that data synchronization can be setup for different data sets and different business processes.

  • Define which databases and companies will be included in the sync group so that some companies can be excluded from the synchronization and multiple NAV databases can be included.
  • Define at default sync rule at the group level of either one-way or bi-directional sync and define a template company if changes should only be executed in a template company or between a child company and the template company.
  • Define which tables will be included in a Sync group.
  • Define which fields will be synced for chosen tables.
  • Set field level options to optimize sync like choosing which fields should or should not be validated and configure a sync field sequence so that fields validate correctly upon insert/modify in child companies (e.g. insert Item No. before Unit of Measure so that Unit of Measure can validate the specific Item No. before it is inserted or modified in child companies)
  • Establish table level rules for allowing insert, delete, modify or rename.
  • Set field level data filtering so that only records within a filter are synced. (e.g. synchronize retail items from a template company to retail companies but not raw materials that are only relevant to companies that do manufacturing).

Web Services allows multi-database synchronization for companies with more than one NAV database and web services allows records to be inserted, deleted, modified or renamed in real-time so that changes are not cached and only executed when a new company is opened.

Error Log records all Sync errors so that Sync failures are recorded and subsequent configuration can be fine-tuned to correct syncing.

Optional Job Synch adds job specific enhancements for job journals to be automatically posted across multiple companies so that virtual companies can be used to centralize resources and job postings (like timesheets) but then synchronize with the legal entity that is commercially engaged on the job.

Optional Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector allows the feature to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and allows greater configuration flexibility than the standard Microsoft issued CRM connector.

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