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Microsoft Dynamic CRM with EmergeNext ADNM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a unique customer relationship management system designed to mold to the needs of your business while keeping programing quick and easy.  It can be utilized in ways beyond the typical CRM system.  There are three modules, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service.  Your organization can take advantage of integration with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Outlook, Bing, and more.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is much more than a sales and marketing tool.  The term XRM is used to describe how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can adapt to measure and monitor almost limitless areas of our business both externally and internally.  Powerful vertical, industry, and task solutions have been developed by Microsoft’s ISV (independent software vendors) partners that can quickly add unique functionality to the out-of-the box CRM.  CRM can be deployed in the cloud, on-site, or a hybrid environment.  Contact EmergeNext today to learn more.

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