Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Built by proMX, ProRM is comprehensive software for project management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, driving your business from the initial project planning stage, through cutting the final invoice. ProRM provides enhanced capabilities in Resource Management, Skills and Qualification Management, and Availability Tracking.  ProRM expands on the functionality of traditional Project Management software to offer a more complete, integrated solution by capturing all the activities and effort expended to deliver the project, by all the staff involved proRM 2013 provides the platform for Project Leaders to access project status, costs and profitability.
From First Contact to Final Invoice, ProRM 2011 provides capabilities in all the key areas during all the phases of a project.

Sales Assistant

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Project Management (Click on each section for a .PDF description)

Invoice Management

Invoice Manager

Role Based Structure

Instead of thinking about ProRM through the lens of the software structure you can also assemble your ProRM based off the role of the employee.

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