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The Jet Suite of Products is an integrated reporting software and business intelligence solution that ranges from individual ad-hoc reporting to enterprise level reporting and business intelligence.
With Jet Reports, whether you are a single individual who needs to create your own reports, a department/small business manager that is responsible for the needs of your team, or an executive, you can find the right offering to suit your needs.
Because Jet Reports offers a consistent look and feel throughout its suite of products you can decide the right fit and continue to grow your business information system as your needs grow.
Jet Reports utilizes a broad range of technologies, while maintaining an easy to understand user interface. Wherever you are in the suite, you can be guaranteed that the skills that you have learned along the way will help you get your job done. In fact, if you have used Microsoft Excel, you may already have many of the skills that you require.
If you are a single individual who needs ad-hoc reports, an executive at a large company, or somewhere in between, you can find a good fit within the Jet suite of products.
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